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Aikrondro SEO Report

June 22, 2023

Ranking Results

Keywords Initial Ranking Ranking On 15-Feb-2022
Aikron Dro System Not in Top 100 01                        
Digital Readout for Milling Machine Not in Top 100 15
Digital Readout for Mill Not in Top 100 12
Digital Readout  Not in Top 100 16
Magnetic Scale Linear Encoder Not in Top 100 15
Dro System for Milling Machine Not in Top 100 12

Keyword – Aikron Dro System

Rank – 01

Keyword – Digital readout for milling machine

Rank – 15

Keyword – Digital Readout for Mill

Rank – 12

Keyword – Digital Readout

Rank – 16

Keyword – Magnetic Scale Linear Encoder

Rank – 15

Keyword – Dro System for Milling Machine

Rank – 12

Traffic Improvement

Aikrondro SEO Report

Aikrondro was striving to gain traction in the competitive organic search results. PKM Web Solution’s SEO service supported Aikrondro to better rankings on Google, recurring organic traffic, and get many other perks.

For all, we needed to build an SEO strategy centered on evergreen content that would help generate long-term exposure, position the brand as an authority in the industry, capture leads, and ultimately convert them into paying customers.

Project Info

Aikrondro is not only the manufacturer of digital readout and linear scale systems but a technology innovation-driven company including developing, designing, manufacturing and service together.

Client : Aikron

Category : Digital Readout

Date : 1 Dec 2021

Website :

Location : China

Service : International SEO

SEO Activity 

1. Website Audit

2. Meta Tags Optimization

3. Content Optimization

4. Keyword Optimization

5. Image Optimization

6. Links Optimization

7. Speed Optimization

8. Full Page Optimization

9. Sitemap Submission

10. Analytics Analysis

11. Backlinks Creation

12. Social Sharing

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